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About Us

Newpage Educational Consult was founded in 2019. For 3 years we have provided qualified, verified and competent tutors to various clients in Nigeria and Abroad.

Newpage Educational Consult has built a legacy of excellent affordable home coaching, learning and academic alternative and tailored learning in-person/online program.

We recognize the great responsibilty that comes with our role and as such, we strive to match students with top-range tutors who can help recognize their strengths and guide them to reach their academic goals.

Our Core Values

Teach - We teach our students with kindness, empathy, respect and patience.

Grow- We grow the capacity of our students.

Inspire - We inspire to discover talents and pursue academic excellence.

Nurture - To nurture self respect in each child as well as respect for others.

Build - We build confidence in our students.